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Arthur IL
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Welcome to Aunt Sarah's General Store
Here at Aunt Sarah's, we take pride in offering you the very best home-made products from the Amish community right here in central Illinois. We want to provide you with a genuine 'food experience' with products made the way they were meant to be enjoyed - free of excessive chemicals and processing.
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Jelly, Jam, Butter & Syrup

Our home-made Jellies, Jams, Butters & Syrups are made right here by our Amish friends using seasonally fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables & other natural ingredients. We also offer a line of Sucrose-Free items for your worry-free enjoyment.
Hand-Made Fudge & Candy

Our famous hand-made candy & mouth-watering fudges are prepared from cherished family recipes.  We start with fresh cream, butter & other quality ingredients which make the most decadent fudge & flavorful candy you've likely ever tasted! Once you've sampled our toothsome treasures, you'll be back for more!
Country Meats & Cheeses

We carry only the finest Amish cured Hams, Sausage & Bacon. Each product is carefully selected for it's quality & flavor, made from the finest local ingredients available. To that we've added the perfect compliment of Amish cheeses, made with the freshest ingredients available from our local dairy farms.
Mustard, Spread, Dip & More

Last but not least, don't forget our unique selection of Aunt Sarah's specialty mustards, spreads, dips.  These relative newcomers are a welcome addition to our fine line of wholesome items.
From our home to yours, we wish you peace, joy & love --