Tips to enhance your home garden

A beautiful garden resplendent in verdant green contrasted by flowers in bright hues is a welcome sight for eyes tired from incessant electronic exposure. The sweet fragrance of umpteen flowers and the almost musical hum of the garden insects is a treat to all the senses. A well laid out garden with the right mix of flowers and shrubs and hardscaping enhances any home’s appeal.

If you want to beautify your garden just follow few of the tips stated below to have your own green patch of pride that will leave your neighbors green with envy.

Tips to glamorize your garden

Bright coloring plants

Make your garden as colorful as possible by planting a wide variety of flowering plants. Along with the regular flowering plants like chrysanthemums, roses, marigolds and lilies, plant chives whose flowers are purple, pineapple sage for its red flowers and thyme for its pale pink to purple flowers. This way not only will you have a great mix of colors but also a garden that is fragrant.


Black Foliage

The magic of black foliage can transform the most mundane of gardens into attractive landscape elements. Dark leaved begonias and of Llandaff dahlias with their almost black foliage contrasted by striking red flowers command their own special space in any garden.


Weeds out

For healthy and good looking plants, the pots and containers should be free of weeds that would otherwise partake of nutrients meant for the main plant. They also appear unsightly because of their invasive growth.

Hence regular weeding is a must for that perfect clean and well nurtured look. You can also resort to attractive mulch in various materials especially wood chips and pumice rock mulch which has a reddish hue not only keep weeds at bay but also add to the overall charm.


Group colored plants

A great garden is a perfect combination of colored flowers, foliage and hard elements. Hence to achieve that look try to groups plants with flowers of the same color or the same foliage together in one place. Then border that area with contrasting elements thereby creating a picture perfect zone.


Rid clutter

Clutter is such a turn off whether in the house or in the garden. It is a sore spot that can mar an otherwise beautiful garden. Keep all your gardening tools away from sight. Avoid overcrowding of plants which is not only unattractive but also hinders the growth of plants.


Use of vertical space

An excellent way to enhance the charm of your garden is when you include the wall and railings facing the garden. Decorate the walls with colorful curios, hang baskets and place creepers close to the walls to add the natural element to a hard surface. Head over to Pinterest for hundreds of ideas on vertical gardening.


Colorful containers

Lend your own unique style to your garden when you use a variety of containers and pots. Pots and containers invariably draw attention and become the focal point of any area.

Old tea pots, paint cans, metal buckets, old wheelbarrows, old toys, wooden boxes, old sinks and even your broken bathroom commode can become a valuable addition to your garden if used creatively.

Painting ceramic pots is another way of adding color to your garden.


Lush green lawn

Finally any garden is incomplete without a patch of lush green lawn. But in arid areas to grow and maintain a lawn is a costly and tiresome affair and untended lawns can ruin the charm of any garden.


The alternative is to use ground cover which is easy to maintain and inexpensive. All you need to do is to plant creeping ground plants that germinate really fast like thyme, bishop’s weeds and lamium. The only precaution is that you should ensure that they don’t turn unruly and overrun the flower beds.

A beautiful garden not only appeals to the senses of the owners and the visitors but also creates an atmosphere of peace and calm. It increases the curb appeal of your house too. And finally the immense satisfaction that you feel when you look at your handiwork of beautiful and fragrant flower bushes, aromatic herbs and interspersed with touches of creativity is priceless.